Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Flake magic

We lived in Kansas City, MO until I was 6. My Dad traveled for business a lot. But a few times, when it snowed, he was home and the man loved sledding down a hill and loved it more when he had a kid on the sled with him. Thus began my deep affection for snow.

He'd take us (or just me mostly as my sister didn't love the snow and my brother was too young) to this great park with a giant (to my 4/5 year old eyes) hill and we'd mount his Flexible Flyer (which was jet aged modern at the time) and ZOOOOOM down the hill with squeals of joy from both of us.

We moved to Winston-Salem, NC where it rarely ever snowed but... when it did. My oh my! My greatest joy - and I have no clue way - was getting to wear our pajamas over our clothes when we went out to play in snow. It was for extra warmth and for some reason I thought it was the greatest thing ever.

I cannot remember the name of one single one of my teachers but I can remember that the superintendent was Dr. Phillips. I knew this because at the very hint of a flake, we would all wait breathlessly for Dr. Phillips School/NO School decision on WSJS radio.

I lived in and near Wheeling, WVa for a while and they had some amazingly fun snow storms. And then hit spent a decade in southern North Carolina and South Carolina.

In the mid 80's I moved to Connecticut. Now, they do good snow. BUT, then... one October, I moved to Rochester, MN. I was only there 18 months but I managed to fit in two full winters and it was heaven. I especially loved June when the sidewalks and streets were clear and dry and the snow was still piled high white and fluffy on the grass. So pretty.

So today, I can't go back into the sewing room. There aren't any windows. I can't watch the snow fall. Then... I saw The Great Wheel tweeted that they had heated cabs. GREAT idea! I slapped on my Uggs and hit the street. The feris wheel is .8 (according to my tracker) miles from here. And it's a flat walk and it was snowing and it was sooooooo pretty.

However, when I got to the ticket booth, it was CLOSED!!! It was 10:30 and they don't open til 11. Nice of them to mention that in the tweet. But finally they opened and it was a great ride. Although you'd the that when they only have one customer and that customer has clearly been standing at the gate for 30 minutes, that customer would get at little special treatment - maybe even just a 'hey, we're so glad you came out to ride with us!'

But, apparently not. It was still fun and a nice walk.

About half way home, my $165 Uggs that I bought only 5 months ago for snow and rain started leaking!! I'm not happy. I sent Zappos an 'I'm really pissed' email. I can't return them because I've worn them, but I'm hoping they will compensate me in some way.

Now it's noon and it's still snowing! About 5 minutes ago it was big fat flakes, now it's regular flakes mixed with big fat ones. My weather app says it's raining now.

I think maybe today is a knit day. I can't move away from the windows!
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