Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Umbrella is to rain...

If you take your umbrella, it won't rain. If you wash the car, it will. rsc had the most wonderful suggestion of taking an antihistamine for my sneezing and runny nose (I cannot believe I did not think of this myself - thank goodness for rsc). I have some in the bathroom all ready to take. So, of course, my nose has not run all day nor have I sneezed. This is even better than taking an antihistamine!

In 2005, I was cleaning out my condo for The Great Makeover. I had a ton of books. I found a box and made a sign "Take One Leave One" and put it in the garage by the door into the lobby. It was a big success. A few years later, the building manager at that time had an old wall rack and hung it up so we could swap magazines. Then Scott, the guy in the loft just below me, moved out and found lots of stuff he didn't want to bother with - a small file cabinet, a lamp, some picture frames and he left them by the garage door with a sign that says 'free - anything left by Friday will go to Goodwill'. There was nothing left by Friday and more stuff appeared. The building manger put up a shelf... and the Free Shelf was born.

That building manager left and the new one objected to the free shelf. But we persevered and finally, he found a set of shelves and moved the Free Shelf over by the recycle and garbage bins. (And continued to bitch about it and bitch about everything the old manager did at every opportunity which he still continues to do to this day more than 2 years later.)

I've found a lot of wonderful things on the free shelf. People leave dumb stuff but also really fun stuff. I've left lots there myself. When my brother was here, he bought a new suitcase and left his old, but still perfectly usable, duffel bag there.

Finally the building manager has declared victory. Tomorrow night at the Home Owners Board meeting, the Free Shelf will be put to death. He says it's just too much to maintain. I thought about volunteering to take it over (check it daily, toss out crap, etc.) but, it's just not worth it dealing with him. So RIP, Free Shelf. You had a great run.

Snow reports all over the area. No snow here. Yet.

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