Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Weird day so far

First of all, there were very few women at the gym today. The pool pretty much stayed full the whole time I was in it but it was all people of the male persuasion. The locker room was empty but when I walked through the gym to leave, it was packed. With mostly men. All the chicks home making dip???

Then a stop at the grocery store where my cellphone had a stroke. It said I had reached my data limit so no connection for me. 1. Today starts a new month. My data limit is 5GB. 2. last month, I used 875MB not even 1 whole GB. 3. How was there no way to buy more GB's when I need them anyway?? GRRRRR

On the other hand, I've had the same cellphone plan for about 4 years now. I pay $30 a month and this is the first time I've ever even had a hint of a problem.

When I got home, and got onto wifi, the cell data corrected itself and now, when I turn off wifi, I have plenty of cell service - weird weird weird.

And snow. The weather people have, once again, taken their regardless-of-what-the-weather-will-be-let's-predict-snow!!!! And so snow prediction it is. Starting this evening and picking up seriously early tomorrow morning for a few inches.

Based on their past predictions, we could have no precipitation or 18 inches. I'm thinking we'll know for sure about the time I would be leaving for the pool tomorrow.

As it stands now - subject to change - tomorrow is bear and doll delivery. So I'll be taking their final photos today and baggin' them up. Probably first, I'll make a couple more dolls just to round out the crowd.
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