Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Saturday more

I had a very quiet afternoon. Made a couple of dolls and then the mail came. The fabrics from that Etsy shop are really perfection. Really cute and pretty and very high quality. 19 different fabrics and enough to make about 75 dolls - $30. This is the second time I've ordered from her but not the last time for sure.

My new credit card came. It's an Amazon card but also a Visa (unlink my Amazon store card which only works in the actual Amazon site (not even Audible or Zappos or the other sites that Amazon owns). So now I have a Visa and a backup Visa and my Discover card. And two debit cards. I keep one credit card and one debit card in the car with my drivers licence. The rest go in my pocketbook. I'm protected if one gets stolen and, also, do not have to take my pocketbook when I go to the gym each morning.

Setting up the new card is a multi-process situation. I create online account, put it into Mint, and set up an accounting tab for it in my Finance Spreadsheet. Then I dig out the closing and statement dates for the calendar. I always make sure that my balance is paid to zero the week before the statement date of each card. And use one of the others during that week. I like to use them all to keep them all current but never carry a balance (sorry cc companies).

Now I feel like I'm fully covered with backup. I think I may have financial OCD.

I also have sneeze-itis. I think I have spent this entire winter blowing my nose. If it's not just running for fun, I'm sneezing sneezing sneezing. Tonight it's sneezing. I'm surprised I have any skin at all at the base of my nose. I am keeping the Kleenex company alive, I know that.

Today's dolls.

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