Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Oh crap

I just picked up the snail mail to learn that Seattle City Light will cut our juice for 12 hours starting at 9 am on Feb. 23rd. Fuck. I lived here for 20 years before I ever even heard of a 'planned outage'. Then I think they woke up one day and said 'hey, here's a 'hood we haven't fucked with yet! Let's do this!!' We've had at least one a year since then and they are oh so tiresome. They usually do them on weekends. This one is a Thursday. It's really not a big deal, just annoying. At least I don't depend on an iron lung (yeah, ok so no one else does either any more but still...) or have fish in a tank.

The problem I have is elevator dependency. If I go out and want to come home, I face 8 flights of very steep stairs. I could do it, I think, but it would take forever and be not fun. Of course, sitting here in the dark for 12 hours doesn't sound like a party time either. They had one planned for November but cancelled it. Maybe they will cancel this one, too. I hope. They have, usually, way over promised on the time so maybe it won't be 12 hours. If they postpone it one week, I'll hit pay dirt cause I'm actually going out of town that day. Oh well. I have a good 2 weeks and change to fret about it.

Pork chop for dinner with scalloped potatoes. Yum.

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