Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Last night, a little after 10, I got out of bed where there are no windows and went into the kitchen for ice and only then saw that it was snowing like crazy. SNOWING! It was so pretty. But it was bedtime. This morning I totally forgot about it until I pulled my car out of the garage. Snow? Gone. At least here at sea level. This gym is up some - maybe 300 feet in elevation - and there were flakes coming down as I entered the gym parking garage.

I'd love to see some snow on the ground... but that's not happening any time soon so I'm happy at least we got flakes.

And it sure cleared out the gym. The locker room was a ghost town as was the parking garage. None of the regulars were in the pool. Wild. But nice for me.

My iPod Shuffle did, indeed, lose my place in my book today. So I listened to music. I figured out a work around and I'll be fixing that up today. Also the library has one of my holds (another audiobook) available. I'm pretty sure I can store it on my Shuffle and still listen to it after its expiration date. I guess we'll see.

Nothing big on the agenda today. The usual - sewing, and screwing around. At some point in the next few days I need to get to an ATM and restock my cash supply. I met a couple the other day who are my age and do not have debit cards and have never used an ATM. "We go into the bank and get cash from the teller." I seriously cannot wrap my brain around that. I get it. I used to do it. But, NFW now. They also write and mail checks to pay bills. I'm not even sure where my checkbook is.

Ok, time now to quit screwing around and get started doing something.
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