Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Just before lunch it was warm in my sewing room which got me thinking about my recently mentioned two favorite t-shirts and how I need to get at least one more "in training" as zyzyly would say. It seems way too much work to start with a new one. And all those thoughts led to my hopping into my boots and heading off to the Goodwill Store.

I did check the sewing/fabric area first - nothing worthwhile there and then onto the shirts. I combed the fat lady section and the big&tall men's section and scored pretty impressively. I got a really nice fleece sweater - lime green, a plaid fleece box jacket, 2 summer cotton button down shirts and 3 t-shirts - two of which are real contenders for the favorites pile one day. $55. Half of the items needed a bit of work. I trimmed the sleeve and bottom cuffs off the green fleece sweater. Much better. Two of the shirts were too long. Not any more. I'm quite happy with my haul.

I'm thinking butter/cream pasta and green beans with mushrooms for dinner. I like the colors.

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