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Susan Dennis


Listening to a book while swimming does, I'm sure now, slow me down and also occupies my brain. When I listen to music while I swim, my brain just wanders around poking and looking and getting into all sorts of things. I'm enjoying the book but wonder if missing the hour of random thinking is worth it. Guess it depends on the book. I've got about 7 more days of swimming left in the Tracy Kidder book. And I'm sucked into the story now. So, hopefully, nothing will happen that requires my random thoughts in the next week :)

I could share a book between devices (phone/ipod shuffle) and activities (swimming/walking/before sleep) but keeping plots and stories straight is kind of location and situation dependent. So swimming will be about the kid who comes to America from Africa (Strength in What Remains: A Journey of Remembrance and Forgetting - Tracy Kidder) and the rest will be about the girl discovering her father after Alzheimer's claims him (The Unseen World - Liz Moore). Both very excellent books.

Oh! The People vs. OJ is on Netflix. I missed it when FX originally aired it. I'm also looking forward to Santa Clarita Diet. I usually steer clear of zombie shit but I love Timothy Oliphant so I'm giving this a go.

I was all set to deliver bears and dolls to the Baby Bank tomorrow but I just got a note from Jeannie asking if I could switch to Monday. No problem. I'm a little light on bears so that will give me time to add at least a couple to the pile. When I went to make a note in my calendar, I found another note... March of this year marks the 10th year that Jeannie has been finding homes for all my bears. When the Salvation Army closed its family emergency center, I was suddenly faced with a bunch of homeless bears. One of my LJ friends suggested the Baby Bank where I found Jeannie. Ten years ago. Amazing.

And here's one I finished last night.

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