Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I am a slow swimmer. I'm steady, I can go a long time without stopping at all but I go slowly... It's been a while since I've listened to a book while swimming. I starting listening, this morning, to Tracy Kidder's Strength in What Remains. I felt like it really slowed me down but, after I got own and sync'd my wrist with the Misfit app, turns out I was wrong. It usually takes me an hour to do 1.3 miles. Today I did 1.3 miles in an hour. Cool.

When it first came out, I read his Soul of a New Machine. It was fascinating. When I got to the end, I started at the beginning again and read it through a second time. I do not remember ever doing that with any other book. That man can flat tell a story.

Plus, now that I've figured out how to make iTunes know it is a book, I can, if I like, flip between book and music without losing my book place. Excellent!

The house cleaner is due today. So I go through my usual angst about that. When I'm not here, she seems to get done more quickly which is better but I don't really have any place I want to go. I love having a clean house but I hate having to deal with the cleaner. She's very well meaning but I'd really rather the house got cleaned by magic. Plus she's always always late and then kills another 15 minutes complaining about why she was late - traffic, family issues, etc. Plus the orchid looks way worse today and she's going to have a 15 minute fit over that as well. Sigh. Can there be anything more tacky than complaining about the help? Sometimes I do not make myself proud.

My internet keeps having hiccoughs and it's very annoying. It will stop for a minute and then resume - over and over again. I did see, yesterday, on Reddit that it's not only me so at least that's a little comforting but still. Get It Together. WaveG.

Now I have managed to screw around doing not much of anything for more than an hour. Time to get started on this day!
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