Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Tuesday afternoon

So I did go out. At Cash & Carry, there was a guy in one of the new Smart Cars leaving when I did. I followed him out and down the street and then he turned into Grocery Outlet where I was going. I followed him... Stalker!

I gave a lot of thought to upgrading my 2011 Smart Car until I saw the new ones. They are considerably different in shape and not nearly as cute. Plus they don't have the nice mate finish that mine does and there are no green ones. So I decided to keep mine.

In Grocery Outlet, I got all my stuff and all he was getting was coffee but he had to run it through the grinder so we ended up at the cashier at the same time. I took the opportunity to ask him about his car. Turns out he had one like mine before he got the new one! So he could really give me the scoop and he did. He likes the new one better (but he also agrees that the ones like mine are a lot cuter). He said they kept the good stuff (except looks and color options) and fixed the rest like the funky automatic and standard transmission. Plus the new one isn't longer like I thought it was. It is a little wider but that's ok. Same turning radius which is excellent.

I got all tempted again. Sigh. I looked at them online and there is one color option I could stand. OR I could get a new one and get it wrapped in whatever color I wanted or even a cute print. If I do get a new car, I would seriously consider leasing instead of paying cash. I think, in my case, the $ is a wash. I like the idea of a new car every 3 years, I think. The wrap would ensure it would stay pristine.

I'm about a month away from turning 20,000 miles. I'm pretty sure that the 'time to take me in for a checkup' light will come on about that time and the bill will be pretty steep. And the new cars will be right there. Probably the only thing that will save me is that I hate the dealership and really don't want to give them any business. We'll see...

I killed way too much time this afternoon getting a library audiobook onto my iPod Shuffle but I finally not only got it on but finally figured out how to tag it as a book so that it won't kick in when I play All Music. So win.

And I made 3 dolls.

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