Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Back in the saddle again

I woke up at 5 but I would have been really fine to roll over and go back to sleep. I didn't but it's funny how quickly I can lose my early morning chops. The pool was happy to see me and I, it and my swim was just excellent.

My brother made it home in one piece. We had such a good time. He's thinking about coming back with his wife sometime this Summer. I don't have a comfortable way to house two guests so they will stay in an AirBnB nearby. Car2Go's have 4 door/passenger cars in their fleet starting today. Hopefully, by this Summer there were be lots of them around. Having a 2-seater car is not a problem until you have two guests. And then it's a scramble. Having bigger Car2Gos would be great.

I'm watching/listening to my brother's shop this morning (via webcam). They are slammed today with more pouring in. One of their big customers got a lovey network invading virus last night. His head guy is very young but has matured so much since he first came to work there. This morning he's handling the deluge beautifully. He's got a tech out trying to fix this one customer's problems and working online to fix another and he's hardly able to keep up with the phone and walk ins and yet he's got a smile on his face and he's making sure each person gets full service. So impressive.

They started looking for an additional person a couple of weeks ago. They wrote up the job description and, to see if applicants had read the whole thing, at the end the job description instructs the applicant to include the word Orange in their application. So far they have received about 30 applications. One included the word Orange.

If you are applying for a job - read the job description before you apply. It only makes sense.

My plans today call for sewing. Friday is doll delivery day. I have a nice crowd but I can add some to the pile before Friday and I intend to do just that. And nothing else is demanding my attention. So off to sew I go!
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