Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Thank you, LJ!

I just discovered by accident that the 'new' (which is now pretty old) version of LJ has finally given me the option of full page width friends page!! For so long the /feed page required that all my content be stuffed into a narrow un-sizeable column. I liked all the other elements of the new style but that /feed page was killing my soul. So I kept going back to the old version.

Today I flipped to the new one to check something and lo and behold! my /feed page is now very readable!!

Man, ya stick with a thing long enough and you finally get it the way you want. Nice.

This discovery came on the heels of finally figuring out the best way to house my journal's archives. With fairly little effort I can make each year, with comments, photos and nice formatting, into one html page. Then I can slap an index page with links to all the years and boom. I've got a sweet little easy-to-access review of my life year by year since 2002. I've got 2 years done as a proof of concept. I'll be adding the other years here in the next or so and then do the index page.

Meanwhile, laundry load #2 of 3 is in the washer and #1 is in the dryer. The sewing room is mostly put back together. I'm waiting for the stuff to come out of the dryer. It's way more tidy than it was. Yeah for having company!

Now I think I'm going to reheat some of those wings from last night and see how the crispy fairs in leftovers.
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