Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

All good things...

My brother is now at the airport waiting for his flight and I'm here in my living room. It was just a wonderful visit. I'm so grateful he came. We did a lot of stuff and a lot of nothing. We tried new places to eat and while all were not our favorites, some were and the others were worth the the try.

I've lived by myself for so long now that it's always fascinating to have someone else around - someone to supply casual feedback. I enjoy the comfort of having someone around to tell me whether or not my slip is showing... metaphorically speaking. But I probably enjoy it more because I have it so rarely.

Today will be a take it easy day. First up... turn the guest room back into a sewing room. And then laundry. And then I may well just spend the rest of the day knitting and watching TV. And listening to my latest book. I have another really good one going - Liz Moore's The Unseen World. She wrote one of my favorite books of all times - Heft - and then made me four years for another story!
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