Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


We went to a new (to us) pot store yesterday and were waited on the greatest clerk who was really nice and not full of crap and introduced us both to a bunch of new options and delivery methods I'd never even considered. And the prices seemed to be cheaper than we were both expecting. Bill bought some flower and then some mints and some chocolate and got some spray. You spray it under your tongue for fastest (but still takes about an hour) to kick in. Or into a hot drink.  Or for lesser effect, spray it on your skin.

Bill tried the mint and the spray yesterday and was impressed so we're going back to see Greta at Ganja Goddess again today. As soon as he finishes icing down his knee and his neck.

We are very old people, turns out.

We went up to the Wing Luke Museum this morning to see the ceremony to welcome the Luna New Year. It was packed and we couldn't see much of anything. We stood through the borning speeches and then - about the time they really got into the good stuff, it was clear we were not tall enough to enjoy it so we left. It was fine. We felt like we rang in the new year enough.

We've got a lot of good house projects done - things that take two people or one person taller than I am - like scraping the dust off the ceiling fan and remouting the clock over the fireplace so that I don't drop it every time I rehang after doing the daylight savings switch.  Then we went through the house and did Photo Scans of all the family pictures. One of his son's was bemoaning the fact that he had no family pictures. He does now! (Also interesting to see how much better my Pixel phone worked than my brother's Samsung.) He brought me new pants that needed a hem so I did that and we did some computer stuff.

All in all just a fun way to do a lot of stuff on my list and do it together.

Tonight is chicken wing night. That will be fun.

His plane leaves at 11 tomorrow. We'll likely get up and get packed and go to the 13 Coins near the airport for brunch before I drop him off. 
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