Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Friday morning

My brother and I are having the best time. We're doing stuff and not and just hanging and visiting and swapping tech tips. It's really been fun.

Yesterday we went to the Living Computer Museum. I've now been there so much that the guy at the front desk knows me. Every time I go there is more cool stuff to see and handle and mess with. They are doing such a great job.

Then we went and had lunch at the place that serves caribbean sandwiches for lunch. It was not very good at all. I think that place is not officially off my list. Then we ran errands.

My brother got an air fryer after I raved about mine and he has perfected crispy chicken wings using potato starch. I want to see how it does it and taste 'em so we went off in search of frozen chicken wings and potato starch. We found the potato starch at grocery store #3 and the chicken wings at grocery store #4.

But that's for Saturday. Last night we had dinner at a place I've been meaning to try since forever. Luc's is now my new very favorite restaurant ever. Every single thing about it was perfection. The place, the service, and ohhhh the food. We left not one single bite of anything on the plate. It was all so good.

Today we are going pot (marijuana - no cooking/eating vessel) shopping and we have chores to do around the house and whatever else happens to come up.
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