Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I am not at all pleased that Trump is our president. But, he is. I think he's crass and mean and thoughtless and immature. Twitter is full to the brim with people trying to be even more crass and mean and thoughtless ad immature about Trump. It's a race to the bottom of the cesspool and, honestly, I'm not sure Trump's going to get there first.

I followed somewhere north of 1,500 people on Twitter as of last week. And then I started removing everyone who said or retweeted thoughtless, mean, snarky and hateful stuff about Trump or his staff. I now am following 922 people but that number's going down fast.

Sadly, I enjoyed those I deleted when they tweeted about non-Trump-hate stuff - like the TV critics and the magazine writers. I followed several actors, directors and producers and was sorry to see them go but I'm just fed up with non-productive, middle school level fact-less commentary. I also appreciate thoughts, ideas and links to political information but just now, I need it without the hyperbole, exaggeration and lies.

On the up side... more dolls made and more sewing room breakdown. I'm more than a little impressed that I was able to pretty easily clear out enough space in one of my bedroom closets to house most of the sewing room stuff. I have a large armoire in there that has one of those very wide 5 drawer (plastic) dressers in it. I was able to move that whole dresser into my bedroom closet and now there is a place to hang clothes in the guest room! (Note to self, be sure and get Bill's help moving it back in before he leaves for the airport.)

And, in an effort to clean out the freezer, I had the rest of the calamari for lunch. When I first got my air fryer I went nuts buying breaded frozen shit to fry. I got a large bag of clamari. It was very so so. I tried it again. Not much better. And the rest lingered in the freezer until today. This time I spritzed it good with oil and cooked it longer. At 12 minutes, it looked like a soggy mess. At 15 minutes it was perfect! Delicious. Hmmmm Maybe I'm going to try okra (another one of my fails) again...

But, now I'm going to start up another bear and watch Jane Pauley on CBS Sunday morning.

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