Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I got a note from my swim buddy, Barrie, that she saw a piece on TV news about even more breakins at local pools so I googled and wow. City and private locker rooms - the scam that hit me - stolen lock and locker contents - has hit others. Lots of others and way worse. It even made the City Police Blotter. Mine happened on December 5. My car/house keys were in the locker, too, but at the bottom of my swim bag with a towel and other stuff on top and they left the swim bag. So... yeah. Plus, my car isn't very stealable. It's the green Smart Car in town with gray trim and what thief wants a fucking Smart Car anyway. I can see them getting to the chop shop and getting laughed into the tire pile.

On the other hand LA Fitness is getting worse and worse. Stuff gets broken (the elevator, the spa, the vending machines, the water fountains) and stays broken for weeks. The door that wasn't locked yesterday? Is, turns out, broken. Today it's held closed via a rope tied to the other side. It's a nice gym but holy crap does it need management.

And, speaking of management, my cat's diet. She always has, and eats, dry kibble. But, I like to make sure she stays hydrated so I give her wet food. She used to be grateful for everything I put in her bowl. Now she's like your basic password changing software... if she's seen it in the past month, no thank you. Anything different is delicious! Anything resembling something she's eaten recently is Nyet. It's cracking me up. Happily, canned catfood has a really really long shelf life and her memory is only about a month long and I have storage.

Everything is pretty under control around here which is lovely. I have stuff to clean out in the sewing/guest room but my brother doesn't get here until Tuesday afternoon so I'm holding off to get as much sewing done as I can before I put it all away.

Today will be sewing and knitting and watching TV - the usual...

Here's the bear that got finished lat night.

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