Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


One minor political comment... That blue outfit with the blue shoes and blue gloves that Melania Trump is wearing is incredibly stunning and shockingly perfectly appropriate. Wow. I'm half watching my Twitter feed and it keeps popping up and out and every time I'm like wow.

This morning, in the middle of my swim, my iPod Shuffle died a weird death. When the battery is low, it tells me really often. Today it was just this squeaking noise and then nothing. I came home and plugged it into the Windows machine and the Windows machine didn't even flinch. It didn't even recognize that anything USB had been plugged in. UGh. But, then I plugged it into my chromebook and it started charging. I let it go for a bit and just checked it and it's playing fine so whew. It's charging more now.

The cheap phone I orders arrives on Monday. I'm hoping to somehow magically transform it into a streaming music player that I can swim with. I think this is probably workable only in my brain. But, we shall see.

Also my tracker stopped working like it was supposed to a couple of days ago. It still tracks but distance but wouldn't show me laps. Finally I got into it just now and somehow managed to fix it. So yeah.

No big plans for today. I don't have a walk to a specific place planned so it will be around the block - once this morning and again this afternoon. At least it is still not that cold cold cold we had. The sun is out which, in my case, is not a good thing but ... sunglasses for the win.
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