Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


They have now published most of the route for Seattle's version of the Women's March. I hope it goes well for everyone. I have zero interest in taking part for a variety of different reasons. But for those who will be a part of it, I hope it gives them what they expect and is peaceful and calm. It looks like the marchers will go right past here on a street I can see from my living room but probably won't cause me any traffic problems. I think I can swim and then run my errands and then get safely home before they get here. I don't want to be involved and I don't want to be in their way.

Nor am I interested in watching or hearing about any of the inauguration activities. This is not at all the first time I've seen a president I did not like one single bit take office. In fact, most of the presidents I've seen take office have been men I did not vote for or approve of. Bad things happened. Good things did not. And he (alas, always a 'he') got replaced eventually. Sometimes with a marginally better version sometimes not.

I've spent a lot of time in war protests, in civil rights marches, worked hard for the Equal Rights Amendment, participated in vigils for my friends who died of Aids. I'm tired and I'm old and I'm done.

What's going on now is bad but this, too, shall pass.

Yep, if you are looking for my head, it's in the sand.

Well, actually, it's in the sewing room.

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