Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Retracing my steps...

This morning's walk will be exactly the same walk I did last week. First to the Japanese dollar store and then to the Japanese grocery. I bought a very cool, small comb/brush combo. Actually, I bought two. And I love them. And I already lost one. So I'm going to buy a couple more and this time strap one to my swim bag so it does not get lost again.

And I'm out of those delicious almond cookies... again!

It is way warmer now than it was last week when I went. Mid-40's. Perfect walking weather. But it's only 8 and the dollar store does not open til 10.

That's it for today's big adventures.

I finished The Old Man by Thomas Perry. God, I love his stuff. And I probably loved this one more than most. I hope he has the next one nearly finished. Next up is Wallace Stroby's Cold Shot to the Heart. I found it by searching for 'more like this' lists. Most of the books on those lists are ones I have read and enjoyed or read and rejected. But, this guy, I've never heard of so fingers crossed it will be good because it's #1 in a series with others already loaded in the chamber.


Now I have successfully frittered away an entire hour at this laptop. Time to get off my butt and get to doing something.
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