Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I bought a bag of pretzels today (large bag) and now I can't quit eating them.

I went out this morning to get out of the way of the house cleaner. I went to Grocery Outlet and parked and then walked around the block and then went in to shop. My Android pay failed at checkout which it never does. grrr and wtf? So I sat in the car and noodled around with it. I figured out that a capital one wallet app was 1. not needed and 2. may be the issue. So I killed it but then how to test... I didn't want to go back into the store but a McDonald's was just down the street and it was not yet lunch rush time. So off I went.

What I should have done was wait until someone ordered and then step in and pay for their order. But I did not have this thought until later. What I did do was buy a sausage biscuit and then tried Android Pay. Worked perfectly right off the bat. So Yeah! (On the other hand, if I had tried to buy someone else's meal and it has NOT worked ... so maybe not such a great idea anyway.)

Then I checked the web cams and the house cleaner was still there but vacuuming (her last chore) so I went on down the road to a new drive through hamburger place which is purported to be excellent. Don't believe everything purported. It's called Qik Pic. It totally failed the Qik part. The burger was very ho hum and the fries were not that good. At least I don't have to do that again.

Then home to a very clean house. Nice.

Google did, in fact, refund the money I paid for the expedited delivery that I did not get. They charged me $13.90 and refunded me $15.80. I'm not clear why the nums are different but the difference is in my favor and my point got across so I'm cool with it.

I'm feeling ok about missing a week of sewing and knitting. The bear population will be a little sparce but I think the doll numbers will hold their own.

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