Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

So now my pants don't fall down

Because I'm cheap and lazy, I wear knit pull on pants with elastic waist - every day. I have them in black and gray and navy. When Walmart drops their price to $6 a pair, I stock up. They work fine, are really comfortable, wash well and suit me fine. Except. When I put a gynormous phone in the pocket. With that phone in my pocket I spend all day hiking up my pants. I do it without thinking.

The smaller Pixel does not pull my pants down and it is very cool not to be hiking up my pants every few minutes! ahhhhh technology.

This morning is house cleaner morning. I'll probably use the time she is here to nip out to Grocery Outlet. I need eggs and tortillas. And maybe take my walk. It's a very nearly balmy 47 degrees out.

I just flipped over to February in my Google calendar to check something and saw that the Spring Training games start on the 25th! I have it set to add all Mariner games automagicaly. I saw on Twitter that all 16 home Spring Training games will be on TV this year. And, this year, I finally have the wifi bandwidth back in the sewing room to actually watch the game on my tablet (via TiVo). So yeah!!

Also I see that my Amazon Prime membership payment is finally due in February. For awhile there, I had so many issues - mainly delivery - that every time they gave me a free month. I haven't had one in a while so soon it will actually be time to pay the piper. It is certainly worth the $ - about 10 times over!

Now I need to walk through the house and make sure everything is picked up and put away so Amira can clean.
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