Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I just got back from a longer than yesterday's longer than usual walk. It's feeling way easier now. See? It didn't even take that much. I think I'll be fine for my brother's visit. It is soooo much easier and nicer to walk when the sun isn't out glaring into my eyes. It's raining today but just a light, Seattle rain.

In movies and TV shows set in Seattle they always have it raining outside. Strong, steady, gully washer rains with lightening and thunder. We sometimes have hard rains with strong winds - rarely hard rains with no wind. Even more rarely are thunderstorms. We have lots of gray days (thankfully) and a fair amount of days with drizzle or, like today, a very light, steady rain.

I did some more research today and then pulled the plug on new house insurance. My old insurance was $650 a year. My new insurance is $284 a year with a much lower deductible, and higher coverage amounts. I had to call to cancel the old insurance but it wasn't to odious a call. They will be refunding me the balance - $285. I giggled when she told me the amount. I made a $1!

There's nearly no difference in the car insurance so I'm just leaving that for now.

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