Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


There was no one in the pool when I got there this morning. And I ended up swimming for an entire hour all by myself.

My prescription is ready so I'll probably get in the car and go get that later this morning. I need to wait for the pharmacy to open and then probably a little bit more for the morning rush hour to die down. I checked to see what the bus possibilities are thinking I could walk/ride there and back. But it's in a pocket that you just can get to from here on a bus. It's not actually that far except it is up some major hills so nfw.

One of my LJ friends wrote this morning about switching home insurance policies and saving a bundle and that finally lit the match under my own ass. My car policy is with Geico and my condo is bundled with them but at Liberty Mutual. The car policy is reasonably priced but the condo policy is way way too much for way way too little. I popped over to Progressive and there I can get earthquake insurance (Liberty Mutual does not even offer that). With the earthquake, their quote is only about $100 more than I'm paying now. Without earthquake, I can save $450 a year over what I'm paying now AND with a MUCH lower deductible. My current coverage has a $5,000 deductible so, for instance, when my $800 phone was stolen, insurance was useless.

I do need to call and get some questions answered but I think I may do that today.

Otherwise, it's just the usual Will the Fucking Phone Get Here Today or not? So far all signs point to not since their website does not say Out For Delivery.

I did remember to call for reservations at my now favorite sushi place. I want to take my brother for really good chef's counter omasake while he's here. I'm glad I called when I did. My first choice was for a week from Thursday and they were already full! They had a slot for us on Friday so whew and yeah! I have a nice list of breakfast/lunch and other dinner options to pick from on the fly so we'll be covered with dining goodness.

Guess I'll go ahead and call Progressive and get that over with. Then maybe some sewing and then the drug store trip. And, of course, a walk. At least it's a little warmer out today. Wet but warmer.
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