Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Bad day at the substation

I just saw on Twitter that a giant part of the northern Seattle neighborhoods are having a power outage. Then Twitter said it was even more than they first said. Then I got an email saying there was a power outage and just now I got a phone call saying... you guessed it.

So now I'm just feeling happy and grateful for my electricity.

I just finished sewing for the day. Did some tidying up and paid some bills. Now I'm waiting for the phone delivery and steeling myself for the very real possibility that that nice lady lied to me this morning and it won't be here until tomorrow.

Rather than stew about two walks today, I took an extra long one this morning. I walked around to the back side of the football stadium to see what was there. Kind of interesting. Then I went to the train station and back around to home. It wasn't bad at all... just cold. It's supposed to get warm (ish - 40's) and wet starting tonight. I'm ok with that.

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