Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Red skies in the morning

I'm looking at a beautiful swath of red and blue as it turns morning here in Seattle. It's really beautiful.

I got back from my swim at 7 and there was a guy at the front door with a gynormous grocery delivery. And a woman down the hall - one I don't know - waiting happily for him. In the elevator, he told me that giant grocery deliveries first thing on Monday were very very common. I don't know why that strikes me as so odd but it does. On the other hand, if I needed/wanted that volume of groceries, I would absolutely be having them delivered. NFW would I be interested in hauling that shit out to the car then out of the car up the stairs, into the elevator and then into my house. Life is way too short for that shit Monday morning or no.

This promises to be a quiet week of nothing special. The house cleaner comes on Wednesday and I need to pick up a prescription that day, too. Hopefully, I'll get my new phone. But really that's about it for the plans. There will be more dolls made, more bears made and hopefully some walks.

I've been retired now for 4.5 years and still I get such an enormous kick out of having the freedom to spend my days as I want to. It's a greater luxury than I ever imagined and I never want to not be very grateful for it.

Ok, I just called OnTrac to find out if they will be making deliveries today. I actually got a very nice lady who said they were and then said if I could give her my tracking number, she'd tell me when. I did and she said 'about 3:30 today'. I'm still not pleased at how long this is taking to get (Amazon has just spoiled me) but, I'm feeling better about OnTrac and about getting the new phone!

And, speaking of customer service... When my purse was stolen last December 5th, one of the cards in it was my Reach Now card (short term car rental). I wrote an email to them that day asking for a replacement. After two weeks of no reply, I wrote another email to them and got a reply saying how sorry and embarrassed they were that their response had not been up to their high quality standards of customer support and that they would immediately escalate to get resolution. In two weeks, I wrote again, asking about that escalation. Again, they were so chagrined that this had not been resolved and they were all over it. In two weeks, I wrote again... and again and again today... Finally today, I replied that their sincerity was losing its punch and I really would like to rent cars from them and I would if I could get this long promised replacement card. They are escalating my issue. I feel like I'm playing a no win game with a very poorly designed bot.

I've done about a dozen other things since I started this entry and now the sun is blazing into this living room. It will rise beyond my windows in about 20 minutes but until then, I have the shades drawn. It gives the living room such a cozy feeling.

But, time to do the breakfast dishes and then go sew.
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