Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I had a lovely swim this morning and then did my morning walk by walking around the block there and then stopping in Trader Joe's. All week I've gotten to the gym and left before daylight. On Saturdays and Sundays the gym doesn't open until 8 so dark was clearly over. The world's slowest construction project going up outside the pool windows, did actually make some great progress since last weekend. Amused by little things.

Tom Hanks is hosting Wait Wait Don't Tell Me. He's trying to hard but I appreciate his trying.

My phone did not come. At 8:45 last night, they changed the details to 'redeliver next business day'. If it comes Monday, I'll bitch to Google about using OnTrac. If it comes Tuesday, I'll bitch to Google about using OnTrac and demand the refund of my expedited delivery charge.

Meanwhile I bought another phone. I bought a 7 year old Kyocera Hydro on Amazon for $25. And a waterproof pouch for $8. I'm going to try streaming music while swimming using the gym's wifi. There are several potholes in this plan but if I can work around them, which I just might be able to, then kewel. And then I can sell the Nexus 6P for big bucks and use the Kyocera as a back up phone as well. As a plan, it's totally worth a shot.

Nothing big on the agenda today - doll making, my second walk, some TV and some knitting. Just a regular day.

Here's a bear I finished last night.

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