Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Slacker me

I'm only doing one walk today. Because.

I did go to Costco and walked every single aisle most at a pretty good clip. The parking lot was pretty full but the store wasn't - weird. And I parked at the far end of the 3rd parking lot so getting into the store and out should count for big.

I'm bummed about not getting my phone and I'm taking it out by sitting on my ass. Because I can.

I did get the cords and cables and other crap under this chair sorted out and moved if not needed. It looks much better and Zoey was quite happy to see her clown fish toy again. So not a bad day but just not a two walk day.

I need to make sure this isn't a pattern. I have nothing planned for tomorrow. That needs to get fixed. It will.

Today's dolls:

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