Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Counseling my own self

I've had several of my very strong opinions not reversed exactly but certainly credibly challenged by new thoughts on the subjects. It's an interesting mental exercise. And one that surprises me. I generally make up my mind about stuff - with good reasons - and then just cling to that decision with super glue and block out or mock any opposing ideas. Interesting - this change.

What has not changed is my weariness of all things Seahawks. I am, however, very grateful that we're done with home games. My only really warm coat is an otherwise very cool reversible heavy fleece number that is blue and green. In any other town, I'd love the color combo. Here is just becomes a magnet for idiots to yell SEA.... HAWKS!!! at me when I'm walking down the street. Happened to me twice yesterday.

The other counseling I have done is to convince myself to chill out about the new phone. I paid extra for expedited shipping which turns out to be via OnTrac. My experiences with OnTrac are many and most are horrible. This time is turning out to be no better. I got the tracking number on Monday. It took 2 days for OnTrac to even acknowledge that it was a good number. Then it said the delivery date was today. Now the information is the very same this morning as it was last Wednesday. It says my phone is in Ontario - no clue which Ontario. And, it's doubtful that if no delivery today, that there will be one before Monday. So my expedited delivery will have taken a full 7 days. Not so expedited there, Google. Oh and I just realized that Monday is a holiday so if not today then, Tuesday. Fuck you very much.

But, I've made a conscience decision not to stress about it.

Today I have 3 things that need to happen. 2 are walks. 1 of those walks will be to and in Costco. Although, now that I think about it, it might be smarter to find out when that damn game is this weekend and go then. But, I'll go today. Doing my walk around Costco will be way warmer than outside and out of the sun's glare. I haven't decided on the second walk yet. Around the block is always a fallback.

The other project is the nest of wires and cables under this chair. There are so many that I can no longer shove them back enough to be out of sight. I do not need that many and I have no clue where they go. So today I'll move the chair out from the wall and do an inventory/rearrange/clean out.

It is not even close to the time Costco opens so I think I'll start with the cables under the chair.
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