Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Walking... the good way

I did both walks today. Go me. Especially since it is fucking cold out. Really and I have a very high tolerance for cold. This morning, I grabbed some earbuds and fired up my book which is an oh so good one and let it entertain me while I walked. When I got back home, I was glad to be inside but did not feel - as I often do - like one more step would kill me.

Also, while out walking, I solved a mystery that has had me scared. One of my all time favorite restaurants is a place called 13 Coins. It's a wonderful place for a lot of reasons but one is that it has the most amazing bar chairs. They have two bars - one overlooks the cooking and one overlooks the cold prep. The cooking bar is the best. It's particularly wonderful when you are dining alone. You have a constant fascinating show.

But the chairs are royal and amazing. They cocoon you in your own little world of delicious. Here's what they look like. They are very comfortable.


I knew they were building their latest restaurant into the ground floor of the new hotel/office building going up next to the train station (one block from here). But I had heard that this 13 Coins would be different. WTF? Different???? NO NO NO.

However, this morning, I see they changed their Opening in 2017 banner to include a drawing of these fabulous bar chairs. They can absolutely do whatever they want with the rest of the restaurant as long as they have the cook bar and bar chairs for me. Sweet.

ljtourist and I went to a fun place for Caribbean sandwiches. I actually liked mine a lot. I love going to eat with Frank. He's always up for an adventure of the unknown and discovery. And he 'gets it' when it comes to the complete package. Today, he paid for our sandwiches allowing as how I could pay for bakery after. We had not discussed bakery after but he just knew that was what was needed.

The bakery was one that I had on a list of things to try one day. It was about 4 blocks from where we were so we walked - AFTERNOON WALK!! - and it was great. Coffee and a treat. I couldn't decide which to get so I got one to eat and three to take home. Perfect. It was a very cold walk but he was nice enough to walk at my pace - he has very long legs so I'm guessing it takes some effort on his part to walk slowly enough for me.

Just a fun midday treat.

I bought a used DropCam on Amazon to replace my failing IP cam. Sadly, the DropCam died first. I spent an hour with Google in chat trying to get it to pair with their network and it was a no go. Nice Google guy. He said if Amazon wouldn't give me my money back to come back to Google and they'd help out. Amazon will absolutely give me my money back. That's why I ordered it from them. But it was nice of Google to offer. So the hunt for a replacement continues.

I did get 2 dolls done today and a bear finished last night. So... all around a pretty excellent day!

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