Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


This morning traffic was hosed because of a couple of accidents and a stalled car. So I sat bumper to bumper and forced myself out of frustration into gratitude that I was not in either of those accidents or stalled. Actually, bumper to bumper traffic is easier for me in the dark, too. I'm really enjoying going to the pool way earlier.

I like getting home earlier. I can waste time screwing around and still have a full day ahead of me. Today I have a lunch date with ljtourist at a totally new (to us) sandwich place. I'm looking forward to it. Plus I have not seen him since before he went home for Christmas so catching up.

I run my Twitter feed in a little column to the left of my main browser page so I see it scroll by as I do everything else. Right now it's having a seizure over the Trump press conference. I really need to clean that stream up and find people with more thoughtful sense than the chicken little aficionados that are in there now. Their lemmingness is getting old.

And in other whiny news, how come Portland gets snow and we got none. We're as cool as Portland. Honest.

I just overheard my brother talking to a customer who was trying to recover her Gmail password. One of the questions they ask is what month and year did you open your Google account. I realized that I had no idea. I do have the info in various places - in the database backup I do every week - in the takeout zip files I've downloaded once or twice and must have somewhere. But, if I needed the info right this minute, I'd be SOL. So I dug out the welcome email and pasted it into Evernote.



First off, welcome. And thanks for agreeing to help us test Gmail. ...You're one of the very first people to use Gmail. Your input will help determine how it evolves, so we encourage you to send your feedback, suggestions and questions to us. But mostly, we hope you'll enjoy experimenting with Google's approach to email.

Speedy Delivery,

The Gmail Team


Wow. That's going back some.

Ok. Now I'm off to walk around then get some sewing done.
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