Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I went out at lunch today. I walked up the street 3 blocks to get lunch/dinner at my favorite teriyaki place. I was out of breath halfway there. Fuck.

The last few weeks - especially November and December - I have not been good about walking at all. Probably October, too. It's about 35 steps from one end to the other of my shotgun style loft. I walk that multiple times a day. But, that's almost about it for walking. And now I've lost my ability to walk any distance at all. Fuck.

This has happened before. And, at least, now I know how to get it back and that I actually can get it back.

My brother gets here in 2 weeks. When he's here, we walk. A lot actually. When he was here two years ago, I was a mess. I couldn't walk across the street without losing my breath. I was so depressed. I even looked into renting one of those mobility scooters. But, then, the lung doctor told me that it wasn't my lungs that were the problem this time. It was atrophy. So walking fixed my walking.

I've since gotten lazy and now I have two weeks to fix it. So. At a minimum, starting today, I will put on my boots and go outside and walk around the block - once in the morning and once in the afternoon - every single day. And not an old lady stroll either. I will walk as fast as my fat old legs will carry me. Twice a day. Every day. Minimum.

Today: morning done.
Afternoon: to come.
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