Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Conspiring against me...

I timed my trip to the pool to coincide with when my friend, Barrie, said she would be there. She wasn't but the timing meant I sat in the worst bridge traffic. On the last half block before my garage, I had to stop and wait for a worker to finish his 'chat' with a truck driver so that driver could move his fucking truck so I could get by. One of the elevators was broken. I shucked one shoe like always but the second one wouldn't come off. The snow turned out to be more drops than flakes and more clear than white.

But all that is behind me. I'll consider it the pre-day. Now the real day starts and it will be just excellent. Thank you. I have a lot of little financial details I am tracking. Refunds, payments, invoices. I do love that doing this is just checking a series of websites. In the olden days, one would wait until a month later when the information came in the snail mail and the first you learned of a problem could be six weeks after it happened and then you had to write a letter or, if they were a modern company, you could call an 800 number and get a clueless operator who said she had fixed it only to find out six weeks later when the next statement arrived that she had not. This way is way better.

Nothing on the agenda today beyond the regular stuff. Just now I think I hear doll bits calling to be put together...
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