Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

More snow not coming

I think the weather people here are getting pay incentives to predict snow. This has nothing, of course, to do with the amount of anything falling from the sky. It's the only reason I can think of for so many more snow forecasts this year. We have the same amount of snow as in recent years (none) but lots more forecasts.

Whacky doodle. I am not moving to Italy.

I toyed with going to Costco today. I need a new Costco card but, actually, don't need anything else and don't have space for it anyway. When my brother comes, I need to empty out the sewing room closet and a drawer for him as well as move some stuff out of his way. I need to have space to put that shit. The space is where I keep my stash of doll stuffing. So while I really need to order more stuffing - and the price is great right now - I can't because no place to put it. And no place to put any Costco haul either.

So I made extra dolls. I'll be losing nearly a week of sewing and I did warn the adoption lady that next month might be a little light. But maybe I can make up for it after all.

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