Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Waiting for snow

Cheese rice ... YUM!

4 cups rice, 3 cups cheese, 1/2 stick butter and sprinkling of hot sauce. They would be fine nuked but I'll likely bake them 30 mins cause I like it better that way. They also freeze really nicely.

A healthy version could be made with brown rice and no butter. Even healthier, no butter, no cheese, no rice, just kale. Don't bother inviting me, though.

I also made two more pillow cases and did some mending and unpacked my Subscribe and Save stuff that came from Amazon - lotion in the house! yeah. And cleaned up the kitchen so only one doll today.

I'm knitting me a Pink Pussy Hat. I'm going to finish it before I start another bear. So now it's TV and knit time.

Twitter says it's going to snow starting at 4 pm. I'm not holding my breath but I'll be watching... and hoping...

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