Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Friday morning

I woke up early and couldn't go back to sleep easily so I just got up and went swimming. Worked out perfectly. No traffic in the pool or on the road. I got home, had breakfast, caught up on LJ and piddled around on the internets while I finished my coffee and now I'm ready to start my day and it's only 8 am!

My bear/doll delivery isn't til 10.

This time last year I was one giant itch. I itched, particularly my back, for months and months. I tried everything - lotions, creams, sprays, antihistamines, swearing. It was miserable. Finally in May, when I went for my annual checkup, the doctor suggested Cerave lotion. Totally fixed it. Instantly. Now it's itching season again. I slather Cerave all over my back with a spatula every morning when I get out of the shower. It's expensive and I got through it like made but the no itching is glorious. And yesterday I used the last of my supply. I have more coming on Sunday with my Amazon order and I'm hoping that my Vaseline spray on lotion will get me through. At the first itch, however, I'm making a bee line for the drugstore. I'll pay full retail price - heck I'll pay double. I'm Cerave's bitch.

I went back in my journal to last year to see when the itching really started and so saw some of the very earliest dolls that I started making at the end of December 2015. Yikes some of those early ones were rough. Whew. But, now, 600+ dolls later, I'm way happier with how they look.

I think I'll go make another one before I leave for the delivery.
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