Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Slow start

I swam late-ish because the UPS store doesn't open til 8 and I had a package to drop off. Then I hit a giant traffic stall on the bridge coming home. Then I got mired in finances. A vendor on Amazon that sold me bad ram is not being quick with the refund. I have two other Amazon refunds in process and needed to track them down and get a bead on their status.

Then I killed an hour trying to track down that remaining issue with my Capital One Visa reconciliation. It's still eluding me but I'm making progress. The actual statement does not come out until Monday so I'll have to wait til then to really figure out if the issue is mine or theirs. It's more than likely mine but I want the numbers to match up to the penny.

So here I sit at nearly 10 am and I haven't really even gotten started on my day.

At some point this afternoon, I need to do the end of the month photos of dolls and bears and pack them up for delivery tomorrow. But that is it in terms of things I need to do today. I have the whole day to carve into whatever I want. Very nice.

I think I'll start with a little doll making.
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