Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The rest of Wednesday

My house is so clean. My house cleaner gave me an orchid plant for Christmas. I am not a fan of orchids. I mean they are ok but not my favorite flower and while a greenhouse full or orchids is interesting, one single one with paddle leaves and such a long stem that has to be propped up with a stick ... just not my cuppa. But, I'm stuck with it because what am I going to do? I hope it dies but somehow I know it won't. She says she'll take care of it - watering and so forth. Oh well. Guess I'll need to turn into a orchid lover. Could be worse things to be.

Tonight there is new programming on TiVo - yeah!! Over the holidays, I burned that harddrive down to nearly nothing. 11%. I think it was something approaching 50% the week before Christmas. I even caught up on House Hunters and House Hunters International. Ditto with my podcasts. I had to try out new ones cause my regulars went on holiday breaks. But nearly everybody is back this week and a lot of my TV shows are back so yeah!

And my goal is to keep the sewing room way neater - particular, keep scraps and bits off the floor. It looks so nice how and I plan to keep it that way.

It's always fun to find the right print for stockings that pairs nicely with the dress fabric. Those pillow cases I got from Goodwill make it easy - they come with two different, complementary fabrics. I've always been fascinated by distinctly different prints that work together in outfits or in quilts. The fabric pairs for all three of today's dolls came from completely, entirely different sources and just happened to look like they were bought in one really excellent batch.

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