Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

A leveling out...

Mainly because of the pool but also because of the holidays, I'm finally just now this morning, feeling like things are back on track for the first time since my stuff was stolen at the gym the first week of December.

I waited a bit to go swimming so I could finish up about the time Trader Joe's opened. I ran into no less than 3 old swim buddies. We are all so glad to have heat in the pool. I got to trader Joe's about 5 minutes early but... 1. remembered to get the cheese that only they carry and I keep forgetting to get and 2. they still had hollandaise! I got 4 and told the checker about freezing it in blobs - whenever TJ staff sees me with the stuff they profess their love for it. Why or why does it have to be seasonal????

I left at 8:10 and was home by 8:30. Not nearly as bad I thought it would be. Only 5 minutes longer than the hour earlier trip yesterday.

Twitter just pointed me to this very cool thing... Neighborhood mini pantries fashioned after the little neighborhood libraries. What a fabulous idea. While I love the idea of little libraries, my books are are audible or kindle. But a mini pantry. I'd would love to contribute to one of those. I need to keep my eyes open for possibilities.

I have several things that need doing around here and dolls to make. The house cleaner will be here in a little bit. Yesterday was olive drab. Today is turquoise or maybe lime green.
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