Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

I finally got around to testing out the freezing of Trader Joe's hollandaise. Works PERFECTLY! I spooned it out into golf ball sized blobs onto waxed paper and then froze the blobs. Today I pulled out a blob and nuked it at level 3 for 50 seconds. Outstanding results. Now I have to get myself back there to get more before they run out. I think I'm going to time tomorrow's swim so that I'm done when TJ's (across the street from the gym) opens at 8.

Other than that, just sewing some dolls and cutting out more. The sewing room is the warmest part of the house so these days, the dolls are my excuse to warm up. It is cold out there and, so, in here. Whoever invented fleece is my hero.

I'm not feeling very inspired or thoughtful today and I'm not sure why. I'm not bummed about anything or particularly cranky. Just not engaged. In the 70's biorhythms were all the rage and people assigned colors to their days. My day, today is olive drab. On the up side, I have the next episode of Bad Behavior waiting on TiVo. EDIT: My days are all out of whack. Bad Behavior is on tonight... Oh well, I still have a Crown to watch.

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