Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The rest of the day

I got lots of good sewing done today. 3 dolls and a whole bunch of new faces. Also, somehow, I got another blood bruise on my hand. This time the right hand. After weeks and weeks of not getting any, all of a sudden I'm hit. It's that damn aspirin. I only take that one baby aspirin every other day. I'm seriously considering cutting him out.

I did my errands and enjoyed the last of the no traffic. Now I'm pondering what to have for dinner.

I had a nice chat with my Kiwi friend today. He's looking to get a new computer and wanted some tech talk. I'm really looking forward to their visit this July. His wife is so nice to be around and they are both exceedingly easy to entertain and when they visit, they request to do stuff that I would want to do anyway. We chatted about things we would do - shopping and eating mostly. It will be fun.

Time to raid the freezer for dinner ideas.

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