Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The last day... and fart warm

I rarely wear a coat or even a jacket on my morning trips to the gym. I go from house, through open air garage, to car, to garage, to gym and back. And my car is so tiny that a good fart can warm it enough to keep it comfortable til the car heater kicks in. But this morning, it was chilllllly or my fart wasn't warm enough... but it was a cold ri de. And lonely. Turns out there are even fewer people on the road at 5:30 am on a federal holiday.

It is the last day of no traffic on the roads or in the pool. I made the best of it. My swim was great and I was home by 7:30 even after stopping at the grocery store (where they didn't have either of the items I wanted) and the gas station.

I did run into a regular from the other gym at the pool. When I told him my theory that they were not every going to heat up the pool again and were just stringing members along without ever making an annoucement, he allowed as how he had had enough. "I'm getting on the phone today. This is ridiculous." You go, girl!

I did notice on their class schedule, they have been cancelling all the aqua fit classes at the other gym and have not yet canceled tonight's. This either means the pool has been fixed or they are now slacking on the calendar in addition to everything else... my money is on the latter.

I do still want the grocery items - Diet Dr. Pepper and skinny french fries (some like their jeans skinny, me, I like skinny fries) so I'll run up the street to the Grocery Outlet and Cash & Carry and get both later this morning.

But, I'm actually burying the lead here... The big news... is the new pillow! I realized it felt good immediately but this morning I woke up without any sore shoulders or elbows and no dry mouth. I actually woke up a couple of times in the night and realized how nice everything felt.

So today, UNDER PENALTY OF LAW, I'm going to cut off the labels and tags and make it another pillow case. Yesterday's was a quick and dirty so I could return the pillow if necessary. Today's will be a proper pillow case made from sheeting material.

Also there will be doll making. Oh and news flash just delivered right here and now... there will be cat feeding.
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