Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

So far, I like this year

I got to the gym 15 minutes early and it was open already!  So I got my pool real estate before the crowd hit. Turns out the 'crowd' never did get large but whatever. It was a great swim. I was all prepared when my membership got rejected because the old insurance expired yesterday. But, no rejection. Nice. I'm ready when it does. LA Fitness will make me rejoin which means creating a new account - not critical but needlessly annoying. I figure it will happen on Tuesday when I will be in a rush to get in and out before traffic gets horrible. Oh well.

I met my friend, Barb, back when we worked at IBM in Rochester, MN. She and her husband, Tom, later moved to California where I was and we hung with a group of about 10 really good friends. All of that group has scattered. Three of them have died and I've really lost track of the rest except for Barb and Tom.

Every year I get a note from her with an update on the past year and plans for the new one. A couple of years ago, she started just replying to last years so now her note, then my note, then next year her note, then my note...  are all in a nice string so we can review. It's really cool.  They live in New Mexico and South Carolina now and travel.  I won't likely ever see them again but it's so lovely to have and maintain this connection. Technology for the win.

I have pillow issues. And last night, in the middle of the night, I vowed that 2017 was going to be the year of the pillow. I had an idea of what I wanted. But no stores were open when I got done at the gym so I came home and tried Amazon. Their get-it-today shipping arrives tomorrow...  So on to Amazon Prime Now. I found exactly what I wanted. I picked a 10-noon window. And before I realized it - literally, I was shocked to find out it was 10 - my pillow was here.  It needs a pillow case but I think it's going to work out nicely.

We got no snow here but just a mile or so away, in higher elevations, they got some and there were plenty of snowed on cars out this morning. And then I found this fabulous timelapse of last night. It was taken from the neighborhood where my gym with the broken pool is - about 4 miles from here.

And speaking of the broken pool, Barrie called last night and was told that 'the pool guy was supposed to come today but he didn't show up'. I'd like to think this pool drama will not consume 2017 but I'm not yet convinced.

Ok so now it's on to the sewing room. First up, new pillow case! And then dolls.
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