Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


This morning I actually slep until the alarm went off at 6:15.  I got to the gym 15 minutes early and they opened the door 10 minuts early. It just feels like I start the whole day ahead of the game. The pool was not at all crowded. They usually have an aqua fit class at 9 so I think that keeps most Saturday swimmers away from mornings. On my way out, I stopped to ask about Monday. They will be open the regular hours. Last day of no traffic. I really do hope my regular pool is fixed by Tuesday but I'm not going to stress about it. If it is, great. If not, whatever.

I left the gym and was not too far gone when I remembered that I had brought my purse and did not have it now. FUCK. I doubled back to the parking lot, up the stairs, through the gym to the locker room all the time thinking Not again, not again... do not make me have to replace all that shit again... I got to the locker room and there was someone else's lock on the locker... and my purse on the counter. WHEW

On to Trader Joe's where I learned their hollandaise sauce, to which I am now addicted, is seasonal! ARUGH. It has a use by date of February 2, 2017. I got two. I'm going to try and freeze one. I sent a WTF email to TJ's in hopes of changing their mind.

I don't have new years resolutions or need to recap the year or get all freaked out because of Live Journal in Russia or even Trump. I'm just not in with the in crowd. Oh well. Plus I've got a gym that can't fix my pool and a dearth of hollandaise to consume my energies. Important stuff!

I wasn't starving enough to make breakfast and now I'm hungry so I think I'll get a little snack before I head back to the sewing room.
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