Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I slept longer than I wanted to this morning and also hit a bit of traffic coming home from the pool but neither of those things turned out to be fatal.

All my life I've described bad situations as not fatal. It just now dawns on me that someday, maybe relatively soonish, I will likely hit a situation that is fatal. Odds are. I'm perfectly cool with it. I've had a fabulous life. But, I am curious. How, when, what will it feel like. Guess I'll find out soon enough.

Today is digital sale day at Amazon. I was looking forward to it because I want more music for my swimming iPod Shuffle and I'd like a price break on a year of Acorn TV. Instead I got offered Kindle books and kids games and otehr stuff I don't need/want. I have more Kindle books than I'll ever read and since I listen to most of my books, I rarely read the Kindle ones and I don't have any use for kids games and none of the video offerings interest me. Dud dud dud...

We're getting ready to head into many days of way colder than usual weather without, alas, any snow. I like cold weather but I love snow. Around here - sea level Seattle - whenever it gets cold enough to produce snow, it stops raining. God's little joke. Bitch.

But, I have tons of fabric and plenty of stuffing and lots of yarn and plenty to keep me occupied. Here's a bear I finished last night.

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