Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Pool Report

I wrote to my swim buddy, Barrie, last night that I was done calling the pool for updates. I asked her if she heard anything to let me know.

I wrote to LA Fitness corporate and explained the issue of a month long broken heater and lame excuses.

This is the response I got from corporate:

Dear Susan,

I understand why you are upset. We want to provide the best club possible for our members. I have given the details to the District Operations Manager so he can look into it.



And this is what Barrie sent me just now:

Checked this AM & didn't get much information. Just called again-said the pool man would be in Saturday, & the pool should be swimming temperature by Monday. I will check again tomorrow evening to see if the news is the same.

Looks like the 2016 Great Pool Heater Debacle is going to spill over into 2017 after all. Really beginning to wonder if we'll see a fix in my lifetime.
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