Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

3 sheets to the wind...

Not booze... spreadsheets. I killed 2 solid hours deader than a doornail this afternoon trying to reconcile my Capital One Credit Card account. Some of it is from the theft. Or not, I can't tell. But, when I add up the nums, I don't the total they get. I'm pretty sure the error is mine because I can't even get the same wrong total twice.

Normally, I'm all over this stuff like white on rice. I have two credit cards*. Capital One Visa and Discover. I monitor them both like a hawk. I'm anal about keeping them current. In fact, I have a crazy system... Everytime the balance gets over $100, I pay it to zero. I use the Capital One card until 3 days before the end of the billing cycle and then I pay off the remaining charges to zero and use the Discover card until the Capital One card statement is released (and their new billing period starts with my $0.00 balance). Then I pay off Discover and the cycle starts again.

I keep a spreadsheet of all the charges as I make them to use as a way to reconcile and it's usually pretty easy since each billing cycle starts with a $0.00 balance. But the theft earlier this month fucked up my system. And my spreadsheets are failing me. I should really do this kind of thing in the morning. I do not have an afternoon brain. I think I'm going to give Capital One a couple of days and have another go - one of these upcoming mornings.

*All of my Amazon purchases go on my Amazon store card.

Before I got mired in spreasheet shit, I made two dolls and cut out the bits for about 10 more. And got all of the fabric wrapped into bolts around cardboard and put away in the fabric dresser drawers. Zoey now has her sleeping area free from my sewing mess.

(The pink bow is another house sock robbery. I found a pair in the closet that had these perfectly sized pink bows on them. I don't need bows on my socks! I do need bows on my dolls.)
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