Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I am so loving the ability to get anywhere whenever I want without getting trapped in traffic. It will all come to an end on Monday but it's only Wednesday and my game plan is to wallow in it.

I got to the pool this morning and there was no one there. By the time I finished some of the regulars had appeared but there was still plenty of room. It was a wonderful swim and I was home enjoying my breakfast burrito by 8:30.

While I was swimming, I was thinking... My twitter and some of my LJ feed is full of Carrie Fisher tributes, animated gifs, favorite videos, etc. I have zero connection. I'm not even sure I've ever seen her in anything other than interviews, in recent years, where she was trying too hard.

Finally, it dawned on me that my ONLY connection to her was when she was born. Movie stars were just coming into paparazzi when I was little. Movie star magazines were all the rage. And on the cover of each and every one was Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Fisher. They were the real life Ken and Barbie (long before Ken and Barbie) and when they had a baby, that was THE BIGGEST NEWS in the world of little girls. Like me. It was dwarfed only by the news that Eddie Fisher DUMPED Debbie Reynolds for Elizabeth Taylor.

Hey there weren't any Kardasians in prehistoric times.

Today will be doll making plus, I need to get some fabric organization done. Right now, there is too much fabric stacked up in the way of Zoey and where she likes to hang while I'm sewing and sleep at night. If I don't get it put away, she will file it on the floor.

And I have errands. After swimming at the West Seattle pool, I often stopped at the grocery, the drugstore, Trader Joe's, the shipping store... Not having those places handy has stacked up some stuff on my ToDo list. So today I'm going to knock them out plus stop and get some donuts at a new (to me) donut shop that is purported to be outfuckingstanding. We shall see. My donut standards are pretty particular.
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