Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Thank you notes

Thank you notes have been on my mind all week. To say my mother was a stickler for thank you notes would be to grossly understate the situation. We wrote thank you notes for every single gift from my very earliest memory. Until we could hold a crayon, we put our handprint on the note she wrote on our behalf. Until we could copy her words, we drew pictures. Until we could write ourselves, we copied what she printed out for us. By the time we were 5 we were expected to take on the responsibility ourselves.

We were allowed to play with/use/enjoy every gift on the day it was given (birthday/Christmas) but the day after, we were not allowed to touch it until the thank you note was written. The day after Christmas was Thank You Note Day. It was not easy. It was painful. And when I think about how much we fought her on it, it must have been miserable for her. But, when I think about my great aunts and uncles and grandparents who received those notes from us year after year, I'm so grateful to her.

Today the mail came late. 6:30. And in it was a treat of my very own. In an envelope from The Baby Bank of Seattle was this:

And in that envelope was this adorable and oh so amazingly sweet note:

The sticker at the top is a multi-layered hand crafted special thank you tag.

Bentley's grandmother is my new favorite person on the planet.
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