Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Deadline looming

Somewhere about a week and a half from when I plan to deliver the dolls and bears to Jeanie (the Baby Bank lady who sends them out for adoption), I hit the production panic button. I always feel like I am behind. I never am but every month I think maybe this is the month I will be.

So I made 3 dolls today thinking that delivery was this week. It's next week. There will be plenty.

I had a fun little lunch. I got on the trolley which is slow as Christmas and enjoyed a leisurely ride up to Capital Hill and the poke spot. It was delightful and delicious. And then I rode the trolley home. It is windy and cold out but, turns out, I didn't spend that much time 'out'. Not even enough to send my tracker to the daily goal. (Next time I get up to pee, I'll get to the goal. so close...)

My cat is bipolar and is in her manic phase. She's been driving me nuts today. Into everything and demanding food every second. She just now settled down for the first time today. Whew. She'll be cool now for a few weeks and then hit the panic button again. This is why I only have one cat. She's all I can handle (and food wise lately, all I can afford!).

This morning I discovered that I have a whole extra of my expensive inhalers. This is double extra good. It means I don't have to buy one again until the end of February and next year I will only have to buy 10 so I won't hit up against the medicare donut hole again. If I have to buy any drugs between now and the end of the year, I'll have to pay full price for them out of my own pocket. So I'm kind of hoping to to avoid that. 4 days. I like my chances.

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